Product Descriptions

When it comes to e-commerce sites, good product descriptions are key. If you sell items online, your website is your shop; essentially, the descriptions are fulfilling the role of a shop assistant, informing the customer about the important aspects of the product while simultaneously emphasizing its appeal. This is why the descriptions should be original, clear, concise and well-written.

Among our many other content writing services, we create product descriptions for online shops and other types of e-commerce websites. With the right kind of descriptions in place, you can greatly increase your sales and profits and ensure that you create the right impression for your customers.

Our professional writers can provide you with the content you need to help your products sell.

All products are aimed at improving the life of the customer in one way or another; our product descriptions will emphasize this and help the customer to make the decision to purchase your product. We will make use of persuasive and positive language to make your products appeal to the right people.

When we write descriptions for your e-commerce site, we do not only consider how the text will read to a potential customer, we also have SEO in mind at all times. We will construct the text in such a way that you have a better chance of placing higher in the major search engines, making clever use of keywords.

There are a few important factors that we will always take into account when we are writing descriptive text for your e-commerce website.

  • Who is your product aimed at? Is it specific to a particular age group or lifestyle demographic? Or is it something everyone needs and uses? We will always consider your target audience and tailor the text towards them.
  • We will use an appropriate style of language to reflect the ethos of your brand and speak to your target demographic. For example, luxurious high-end products may require more an authoritative, informative and formal voice, whereas a fun product aimed at a young audience would benefit from a relaxed and casual style of writing.
  • We will identify the unique selling points of your products and incorporate them into the text to help customers see why they should buy from you.
  • How does the product work? Sometimes it is necessary to outline the specific way the item functions, for example with electronic products or toys. This is essential information so without it the customer may decide to look elsewhere.
  • We will describe the unique benefits of your products as well as simply describing their features, as this will make it seem more appealing to your customer base.
  • We will ensure that the descriptions are as succinct as possible, conveying necessary information without having a lot of superfluous text that doesn't add to the customer's knowledge.
  • If necessary, we can incorporate bullet points into the description so that the viewer can see the item's important features at a glance without having to read through paragraphs of text.

The quality of your product descriptions can make or break the amount of sales you achieve, creating an emotional connection between the website visitor and the product and encouraging them to make that purchase. Give us a call today and find out how our content writers can help you to make a success of your e-commerce site.