Among our other content writing services, we can write a suitable Frequently Asked Questions page for your site. If your website doesn't have an FAQ page, you could be missing out on some excellent opportunities for attracting new clients. We will help you to take full advantage of this potentially valuable website feature with our professional content writing tailored especially for your company.

When it comes to running a business, you want to save time wherever you can. FAQ pages will free up precious time for you and your staff, saving you the hassle of answering the same questions again and again and leaving you free to get on with other work.

Of course it is important to respond individually to important emails from potential clients, but for many businesses, the majority of emails and enquiries they receive will be about information they can include on an FAQ page.

Imagine how much easier your day to day work could be if you just had to refer customers to your FAQ page rather than individually replying to them all - we can help you to achieve this.

The basic function of an FAQ page is to inform. When writing an FAQ page, we will think about common themes such as:

  • Prices. You may provide individual quotes for each customer, but potential new clients want to have a basic idea of your prices. They need to be sure that your service or product is within their price range. If there is a minimum cost, we will include it here. It could also be useful to include some information on your pricing strategy so people can get a good idea of how much their requirements might cost.
  • Contact details. Your site will probably have a specific contact details page, but it may be advisable to include them here as well.
  • Examples. It may be a good idea to include some examples of previous work, giving clients a good impression of your company's history. We could mention and describe some of your previous work or clients, or could include a link to an online portfolio.
  • Terms and conditions. Are there certain terms in place for customers using your services? For example, do you require a deposit, do you only deal with customers in a certain area, or is there a time limit on your services? This is valuable information that customers need to know.
  • Answering any objections customers may have. Perhaps your customers have complained that your product costs more than the one offered by a different company - you could use the FAQ page to explain why yours is better, underlining your product's unique selling points.

Besides their practical benefits for customers, FAQ pages are also good for SEO campaigns, as they provide an opportunity to include even more high quality content on your site.

You can also use your FAQ to promote and link to other pages on your site, which will help to direct traffic to those pages.

If you're thinking of including FAQ pages on your website to help visitors navigate the site and to improve your SEO, get in touch with us to find out more. We will create an informative and useful FAQ page that reflects the ethos of your company.