Slogans & Tagline Writing

Slogans and taglines can be really useful in your marketing campaign, summing up the personality and message of your business in just a few well-chosen words. With the right tagline, you can draw in new customers and create a memorable image for your brand.

One of the services we offer is slogan writing. Our skilled content writers can provide you with a tagline that is memorable, compact, communicative and effective. We provide a tailored and individual service for every customer so we can offer you a unique, fresh perspective on slogan writing that reflects the ethos of your business.

These are the principles we follow when creating a slogan or tagline for your company:

  • Originality. A tagline that is too generic will not make your company stand out from the competition. You want a slogan that instantly makes people think of your company. We will consider what is different about your product or service and incorporate this into the tagline or slogan.
  • A clear meaning. Potential customers should understand the message of the slogan immediately. Clarity is key when it comes to constructing a successful tagline or slogan.
  • Brevity. The most memorable taglines and slogans are short and to the point.
  • Catchiness. A slogan might stand out for being humorous, or may use a simple rhyme which helps it to stick in people's heads.
  • Appropriateness for your industry. We will always adopt an appropriate tone and style of writing depending on the nature of your business. Some companies may require a more businesslike or formal tone while others would benefit from a more informal approach.
  • Selling the company. A good slogan or tagline will let the customer know why they should choose your company, either by summing up your unique selling point or encapsulating its ethos with a few simple words.
  • Timelessness. The best taglines will never date, so that your company can retain the same one instead of having to change it all the time. This will help the slogan to develop into a recognisable feature of the business.
  • Consistency. Your slogan should complement the other aspects of your brand, such as the logo and overall visual style.
  • Focus on the customer. The slogan should reflect the interests or requirements of the customer so they can understand how your company or product relates to them. We will also consider your target demographic so we can come up with slogans and taglines that they will find the most appealing.
  • Personality. A slogan should be in the "voice" of your company, reflecting its unique personality.

By choosing us to write your slogan for you, you will be getting the benefit of the experience and skill of our content writing team.

Call us today and find out how our writing skills can make a valuable addition to your business. With our content writing expertise, you can enjoy greater prominence in search engine results and create a professional, appealing image for your business.

Just get in touch and we will be happy to answer any enquiries you may have about our services, whether for tagline and slogan writing or any of our other services.