Press Releases

A press release can be an excellent way to let the world know about your company. Many businesses write and publish press releases the old-fashioned way, as paper publications. However, by taking full advantage of our SEO-focused press release writing service, you can reach an even wider audience and enjoy great results.

An SEO press release is primarily a way to inform people about events or developments that are happening in your business; for example, you may write about new upcoming products, events or promotions.

In today's online market, a press release can be so much more than just a boring newsletter or leaflet. As well as text, you can include links to significant sites, pictures, videos, and much more to enhance the experience for the viewer.

A well-written press release can really help to bump up your website to the front pages of major search engines. When we write a press release, we do not only consider how we will make the text interesting and readable; we also focus on SEO and appropriate use of keywords to increase the chances of good rankings in search engines. In turn, this will boost traffic to your site.

When it comes to creating a successful press release, quality writing is the key, along with effective distribution to the right people. When you are working with us, you can be sure we will go the extra mile to create informative and compelling text that will capture the attention of the right people.

Some of the benefits of our online press releases include:

  • We will write an intriguing and illuminating press release that is designed to stir up interest in your company and get the word out to the right people.
  • Backlinks from trusted websites which helps to improve your position on search engines.
  • There are many options for distribution with an online press release. You can share them on social media sites, helping to create an active and vibrant online presence. You can email them or post them on the company website.
  • People searching for your particular keywords will find it easier to locate your site.
  • We can tailor the text to suit your particular target demographic, thinking about how we can make your company sound as appealing as possible to them.
  • You don't need a huge budget to create a successful online press release. Even the smallest or newest business can afford to send out an online press release and gain more online visibility.

When we write a press release, we will always carefully consider the best keywords for your particular purpose. To do this, we carry out keyword analysis and research. This enables us to see which keywords are most likely to yield good results.

Although we always have SEO in mind when writing a press release, we focus first and foremost on writing for the audience. It's crucial that text is well-structured and written properly, as well as containing useful information that the target audience actually wants to know.

Our team of content writers can create a press release for your company that combines high quality writing with effective SEO techniques.