Press Release Writing

The primary purpose of a press release is to inform people about what's going on with your business and to build communication between your business and your customers. From the largest businesses to small or newly-established ones, every kind of company can benefit from a well-written and interesting press release.

Some of the advantages of press releases are:

  • They help to make your company more visible and increase exposure to potential new customers.
  • They give you the chance to explore different channels of communication, for example through email, by linking them to your social media sites, or via the post.
  • They keep your existing customers informed and up to date about everything that is going on in your business.
  • They help to build trust and communication between your business and your audience, creating a professional and personal image.
  • They help to direct traffic towards your website and contribute towards a successful SEO campaign.
  • You can proactively reach out to the right people, either in the local area, throughout the country or even across the world.
  • Online and email press releases won't cost your company a lot of money so they're great for smaller businesses or businesses that are just starting out.
  • Our press release writing service will save you time and effort and ensure that the text is of the highest standard.

There are any things you could mention in a press release: you can talk about upcoming new products or services, mention an important event or announce changes in the company.

A press release could also be an introduction and a mission statement for a new company, to let people know that your company has arrived and to inform them about what you offer.

Press releases give your company the opportunity to reach out to a wide and varied audience. By being proactive and sending them a press release, you are taking positive action to attract people to your business, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

There are so many possibilities with press releases: they can be sent out as physical copies in the post, through email, or by placing it on your website.

We specialise in writing all types of press releases. Our inline content writing is especially targeted towards the correct use of keywords for maximum impact on your SEO campaign.

We have extensive experience of writing for SEO and apply these techniques to all our online writing, so when you choose us to write your online press release you can greatly increase your chances of moving up the search engine rankings.

When we are writing a press release, we will always consider your target audience carefully and tailor our writing style accordingly. Whether you want your press release to be a light-hearted missive or a serious and informative piece, we will strive to create a piece of writing that matches your requirements and really speaks to your audience.

Your press release is first and foremost a way to reach out to people, so readability and structure are extremely important. Our experienced writers will create a press release that will hold people's attention, conveying the information they really need to know in an interesting and compelling way.

Get in touch with us at Content King and find out how our press release writing skills can benefit your business and give you an edge over the competition. With our combination of writing skills and SEO expertise, we are the first choice for any kind of company in need of a quality press release.