Index & Introductions

The homepage is the first thing that returning visitors and potential new customers will see when they visit your website. It's therefore vital to have a well written introduction that draws them in. Combined with great web design, a relevant and interesting piece of text will help you to attract customers and keep them coming back again and again.

A good homepage won't only benefit visitors once they are actually on your site; it will also increase your chances of being found in the first place by adding to your SEO campaign.

We can write you a suitable homepage that will make the perfect introduction to your business. We have plenty of experience creating them for a wide variety of different businesses, and this specialist knowledge means we are in the perfect position to write an introduction for your website.

There are a few things that need to be considered when creating a homepage; these are just some of the key points we cover when constructing introductory text.

  • A welcoming and simple headline will grab people's attention as soon as they land on your the page. It should sum up what your company does in just a few words.
  • All the text should be written with your target audience in mind. Are you trying to target a specific gender or age group, or are you targeting a particular group of people such as parents, teachers, business owners and so on? We will always tailor our text to meet the requirements of your potential customers.
  • The text should communicate the purpose and values of your site in a clear and focused way. When new visitors arrive on your homepage, they want to know immediately that you can offer them what they need, otherwise they will quickly lose interest. We can create clear, concise text that communicates your primary message straight away.
  • After the headline, the page should start off with a succinct explanation of what your company actually does. You can then explain your services in more detail in the rest of the text.
  • First-time visitors should feel informed and confident about using your services, especially if you are not a well-known company yet. Our text will project that all-important professional and trustworthy image for your business.
  • A homepage should show off the unique selling points of your business and let people know why they should choose your service or product. It should explain how you will offer them benefits that make your company stand out from your competitors.
  • The text needs to be original to avoid the risk of duplicated content; duplications can result in your site being penalised by search engines. This will negatively affect your SEO campaign. All the text we write is unique and fresh so you won't need to worry about this when working with us.
  • Some clearly signposted links to other parts of your website can be a great inclusion, as they will encourage people to explore your site further.
  • As well as your introduction, it's a good idea to include an index of the most important pages on your site. This will allow visitors to find what they are looking for with ease.

Above all, the aim of your homepage and index is to create the right first impression for your company and to make sure customers know exactly what they are going to find on your website. If it is easy to navigate, they will be more likely to stay rather than going back to the search engine to find another company.

Get in touch with us to discover more about how our written introductions and indexes can benefit your site. As with all the work we do, your homepage will be completely original, written by our professional in-house content writers and never using automated techniques.