How To Information

With certain products and services it may be necessary to include how-to instructions on your website. Perhaps you want to inform people and demonstrate how the item works, or maybe you want to inspire your customers to buy the product by showing potential projects or things they could do with the item.

If you offer a particular service, you may want to inform people about how the process is actually carried out.

You could also include some information about how your company tackled previous jobs, giving examples of times when your method was a success. For example if your business organises events, or if you carry out work in people's homes, you could include some stories about work you have done for specific customers.

In cases like this, how-to information is important because it will reassure customers that this is the right product or service for them. People need to know that your methods will work for them, or that they will be able to use your product efficiently, before spending their hard-earned money.

Whatever the purpose of the how-to instructions, our skilled writers can create a suitable piece of text for your website that is not only informative, but will also keep people interested. We will base the text on the information you need to include so that people can find out all they need to know.

If you have an e-commerce site it is essentially playing the role of a shop. However unlike a physical shop, you can't have staff on hand to show customers how to use the product or inform them about it.

People want to know about a product or service before they make the decision to buy it. This is why it's so important to have good quality text on your site.

Our individually-written content will inform customers about the product and encourage them to choose your business over others. Our writers know how to create concise, clear text that will educate customers about the important aspects of products while at the same time emphasising why they should choose you over the competition.

Working alongside our product descriptions and resource articles, our how-to articles will ensure that customers can get all the information they need before they decide to go for it and choose to purchase your product or service. Get in touch if you're interested in having our experienced content writers create the perfect how-to text for your site or offline materials.

When writing your how-to information, we will always:

  • Use language that's appropriate for the nature of your business, reflecting the right tone and striking the right balance.
  • Create clear and readable content that informs people without using complicated jargon.
  • Include important information without too much superfluous text for the customer to wade through, making it easy for them to see the information they need at a glance.
  • Tailor the text to appeal as much as possible to your target demographic, taking into account things such as age, interests and locations.
  • Identify what is special about your product and highlight its positive qualities to make it appeal to your target audience as much as possible.