Guest Posts

Quality content becomes even more important as more and more people get the majority of their information online. When people are looking for new products or services or searching for the subject matter that interests them, they are likely to turn to a search engine.

This means that well written and informative online content can greatly increase exposure for your business and let people know that you are out there.

One way to do this is through guest blogging.

Guest blogging can have big pay-offs for your business but can also be time consuming. As a busy business owner, why don't you hand over the responsibility of the writing to our dedicated content writers? We will save you time and ensure a high standard of written text, whatever the subject matter.

As one of the many content writing services we offer at Content King, we are able to deal with guest blog posts. There are many benefits to be had from guest blogging, both in terms of optimising your search engine rankings and in building communications with your clients and with other businesses.

Guest blogging can be undertaken in several different ways. Our experienced writers can write blogs and articles to be posted on your own company blog.

We can also accept articles from you or other writers to be posted on our own high PageRank blogs and, if necessary, our writers will update and improve the text to ensure optimum results for your SEO campaign.

When it comes to writing content for any purpose online, originality is key. Duplicate content results in blogs being penalised by Google and worse search engine rankings, which can be really detrimental to your business.

This is why you can always rely on us to come up with completely fresh and original articles and blog posts. We will never simply spin text or copy content from other locations. Instead, our writers will create brand new articles tailor made for your company.

Some of the major benefits of guest blogging are:

  • The blog posts will include new backlinks to your website, which will direct more traffic towards the site and aid your SEO campaign. The highest quality backlinks will come from publishing articles on top quality blogs with high PageRank numbers.
  • Guest blog posts help to build connections, both between your business and other businesses, and between your business and your customers. Useful blog posts can be used to inform and entertain, conveying the personality and ethos of your brand.
  • You can have original ideas, a fresh voice and a new perspective on your blog by getting guest writers to contribute articles, which makes for a more interesting read for website visitors.
  • You can build trust with customers, showing your knowledge of your specialist subject and demonstrating that you are an expert choice when they need your particular product or service.
  • You can attract a wider audience by posting on a wide variety of different blogs and websites, increasing the pool of potential customers and getting the word out about your business.