Guest Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to improve SEO on your site. If you have a blog, you can regularly update it, keeping your site active. This will not only make the site more attractive and interesting for visitors, it will also help your site to climb up the search engine results.

Aside from having a blog on your actual site, you can also take advantage of external blog sites with high page rankings, linking back to your site. These backlinks can make a huge positive difference to your SEO.

In order for your blogging endeavours to be successful, the most important thing is to have high quality content. Search engines want to provide users with useful results so the better the content, the higher the opportunities for increased traffic.

Here at Content King, our team of experienced writers can provide you with outstanding guest blog posts to keep the visitors flowing to your website.

With our deep understanding of the SEO process, we know how to use keywords naturally to maximise your opportunities for better online visibility. We understand the difference between a well-written and effective piece of content and a low-quality spam blog post, and will always use ethical writing techniques to aid your blog on the way to long term success.

Some of the advantages of using our guest blog posts are:

  • Fresh knowledge, insight and writing style from a new writer.
  • High standards of writing from our skilled content writers.
  • Reaching a wider audience and linking them to your site.
  • You will gain credibility and a professional image for your business by having articles posted on different sites.
  • Blog posts can help to increase your visibility on social media, via links.
  • Completely original text that has been custom-written especially for your website.

Our guest blog posts are always original and written specifically for your blog. Some blogs are filled with spammy text or the same article repeated again and again with just some automatic text spinning; we never use methods like these because they will ultimately lead to your blog being penalised.

We only use well-written and original content in every blog post, helping your blog to get picked up by search engines. Good quality, readable content is the most important factor when it comes to SEO and this is the principle we stick to.

We have many blog sites with high page ranks where we post articles regularly to help boost your SEO campaign. By posting articles about your company on the blog sites and linking back to your site, we can help to direct traffic to your website.

We also make use of high quality external blog sits that accept guest posts. These sites open up many more opportunities to attract brand new visitors and direct them towards your company website.

Get in touch with us today to discover how our content writing team can make valuable contributions to your blog. With a combination of high quality blog sites, outstanding articles filled with relevant information, and plenty of experience in SEO, we are your first choice when you are in need of guest blog posts.