CV Writing

A CV is crucial when it comes to looking for employment. It's very important that a document is well written, properly organised and captures the attention quickly. A good one will create the right first impression and give potential employers a snapshot of your skills and qualities. It should sell you to the employer and let them know why you'd be right for this particular role.

Many employers will look at hundreds or even thousands of CVs every week. As a result it's important that yours stands out from the rest. There is so much competition in the job market and your CV is usually your first point of contact with the employer.

By investing some effort and time into creating the document, you can ensure that you're a memorable candidate.

Writing the perfect CV can be a complicated task though. The secret to writing a really good one is knowing what to put in and what to leave out, as well as determining what will grab the attention of that particular employer. Most will make a judgement within seconds of looking, so you need yours to convey the right information as quickly and succinctly as possible.

If you want a CV of the highest quality, why not get the professional team at Content King to take care of it for you? With our writing and editing experience, we have the know-how you need to give yours the edge over the competition.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to write a CV, but as a general guide here are some of the things we would include when one for you:

  • Personal details such as name and contact number, plus social media profiles if they relate to the position
  • A list of educational history, qualifications, achievements and training
  • A brief personal profile, perhaps just a few lines long, summing up your strengths and areas of knowledge which would help you to fulfil the role you are applying for
  • Rather than including long blocks of text which have to be studied carefully, we will identify key words and phrases relating to the job which will catch the reader's eye, even if they are just skimming over the document
  • Your career history and any experiences in life which are relevant to this particular role - information about what you learned while in your previous job roles and how this can help you in the future

Our content writers can create a CV for you that will underline your individual qualities and lets businesses know that you're the right choice for the job.

Whether you're searching for a role in sales, industry, a creative profession or any other kind of sector, we can adapt our service to meet your specific requirements.

We don't only take the actual content into account; we also consider the organisation, order and layout of the text, as these can really affect how positively a future employer will look upon your CV. Good grammar and spelling are also vital when it comes to writing one.

You can rest assured that when our content writers are creating text for you, you will always receive the highest standards of work.