Blog Roll

Among our many other content writing and web design services, we can furnish your blog or website with a blogroll. This involves having a list of links to other blogs, usually located on a sidebar. Generally the list will be identified with a name such as "recommended links", "related blogs" or something similar.

These could be links to other sites which are relevant to the subject matter of your website, links which will provide website readers with valuable information, or simply a list of other blogs that you like to read and think that your readers may be interested in too.

A blogroll does not only add interest and depth a blog or website, it can also provide you with some advantages when it comes to the SEO side of things.

We can insert a blogroll into your site and help you to make the right decisions about which links you choose to include in it. There are a few things to consider when including a blogroll.

It's a good idea to be selective so that you only include high quality links to other relevant sites - if readers are faced with a long and overwhelming list of links, they are not likely to follow any of them, and search engines are also likely to ignore long lists of links.

A short and succinct blogroll consisting of quality links could be a valuable addition to your site. When we create a blogroll for you, we will always make sure to include the best quality links that actually have the potential to make a positive impact on your site.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider including a blogroll on your website.

  • There is a potential for good quality links to higher ranking sites, which in turn can help to push your site towards the top of search engine rankings.
  • You can help other bloggers to gain traffic by linking to them. If there are other bloggers within your company or organisation, or if you write on more than one blog site, you can link them to each other and this will benefit the business as a whole, strengthening the network and improving the number of visitors to each site.
  • By regularly updating and improving your blogroll list, you can keep your site fresh. Updating regularly is important for any website and the blogroll can make a contribution to this as long as you keep the links relevant and change them around now and again.
  • It provides more interest and more reading material for your site visitors, which will maintain their interest in your website and make it more likely that they will keep returning.
  • You can help potential customer to feel more informed about your product or service by providing links to other sites which contain useful data, instructions or information.
  • You can include more than one blogroll and make different categories that are easy to identify at a glance, making for a clear and well-organised blog or website.

By having a blogroll on your site, you will be able to point your readers in the direction of other sites they may find interesting or useful, as well as creating more traffic for your site.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how a blogroll could benefit your site.