One of the main ways we create effective, long lasting and ethical SEO campaigns is by writing blog articles. Our highly experienced and skilled content writers know how to use their writing skills to the best advantage to ensure that these articles are as effective as possible for your company.

Our content writers are experienced and professional, constructing well-written articles that are tailor made for every customer. We have a strong record of driving our clients' websites further up search engine results and pride ourselves on the work we put into each and every campaign.

We don't use spamming or black hat methods - just good quality, original content and ethical techniques that will yield long term results for your company.

We operate by creating a certain number of articles for your company each month. Each article is written completely from scratch, so you never have to worry about the text being copied or duplicated.

All articles are written by human writers, never by using automated techniques or text spinning.

Our writers know how to create text specifically for online use. Before the work begins, we will identify the most useful keywords for your particular business.

When the text is being written, we will include these keywords in a strategic way, and this will optimise your chances of being found on Google when a client searches for these particular keywords.

These high quality articles make up a large part of our SEO campaigns because they can have such a huge impact on your SEO. They will help your site to climb up the search engine rankings, increasing the clicks to your website and thus increasing your chances for attracting new customers and making more money.

The amount of work we carryout will be tailored for your specific requirements; more competitive keywords may require a higher volume of articles to be pushed to the top.

We will always go the extra mile for our clients so that we can give them the best possible chance of reaching the top of the rankings.

We do not only create high quality articles, we will also post them in the right places to maximise the results for your campaign. We have a number of blog sites with high PageRank numbers, which means they have high credibility for web crawlers and will enjoy high placements in search engine results.

Many of our blog sites have PageRanks of 6 and above, giving impressive results when our articles are posted.

We will insert links to your site into these articles, building a strong backlinks campaign that will drive more traffic towards your site. We aim to utilise as many channels and medias as possible when we create articles for a link building campaign, so we will make use of reliable external blog sites as well as our own.

If you would like to find out more about how our expertly written articles can help give your business a boost, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss it further. With our SEO and content writing experience, we are the first choice to help your business build a strong and visible online presence.