About Us & Company Info

Typically, a website's "About Us" page is one of the most frequently visited pages on the website. People want to know who you are, what you do and what your experience or qualifications are before they hand over their hard-earned money for your products or services. We can write an effective About Us page for your site and help your customers to get to know you better.

The purpose of an About Us section is to build credibility and help the customer get to know and trust your company. It's a chance to show who you are and give the customer a glimpse of the ethos behind the business. As an online business, you don't get to meet every customer in person, so the About Us performs this function for you.

We will create an About Us page that gives the customer enough information to feel secure while also giving a sense of your company's personality. We'll inform people about what you can do for them while humanising your business.

When we are writing an About Us page, we will think about the unique qualities of your business and include them, showing people why you stand out from other businesses in your field.

Our skilled content writers can strike the perfect balance between informing the customer and creating a distinctive voice for your business, emphasising the positive points of your company while helping website visitors to understand exactly what it is you do.

These are some of the factors we will consider when we are writing your About Us or Company Information page.

  • Who will be reading it. The messages in your press release should be tailored towards the tastes of your target audience, so we will always have this in mind when writing it.
  • Focus on the customer. A good About Us page should focus on the needs of the client and how the company can benefit them.
  • We won't just include facts, but also insights into the values and personality of the company. For example, we will think about whether your company should have a young and fun tone of voice or a more mature and informative one, a professional tone or a casual tone. It all depends on your individual field of business.
  • We will communicate the values of your business so customers know where you stand on important issues; for example, if you are concerned about eco-friendly practise, we will emphasise this.
  • If appropriate, we will include the story of how your business started and how it got to where it is today.
  • We will emphasise how you can improve people's lives with your service or product.
  • We can include examples of previous work, some information about important experience, and examples of how your company has provided solutions for other clients. This will help people to gain a vision of what it would be like to work with you.

Call us today and discover how our content writing team can write an outstanding About Us page for you. With our quality content, you can inform, intrigue and entertain new and old clients alike.